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CN-104256443-A: Preparation method of blueberry-purple potato dessert patent, CN-104260785-A: 一种fsae赛车 patent, CN-104262246-A: 一种5-苯基烟酰胺类Bcr-Abl 抑制剂及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-104265471-A: Combustion mode control system of gasoline premixing and diesel igniting engine and control policy thereof patent, CN-104265773-A: 新型车轴承外圈锻件 patent, CN-104266932-A: Method for determining current efficiency and deposition rate in preparation process of metal powder patent, CN-104270770-A: 确定无线路由器位置的方法 patent, CN-104270877-A: Direct-current power supply low pressure sodium lamp electronic ballast patent, CN-104275116-A: Rail groove type bottle shaking machine patent, CN-104275631-A: 一种用于打磨物料表面焊渣和毛刺的设备 patent, CN-104276196-A: Stroller patent, CN-104279087-A: 阀装置 patent, CN-104280715-A: Gateway electric energy meter online monitoring system patent, CN-104283218-A: Intelligent electricity-saving system patent, CN-104284716-A: Information processing device, information processing method, and program patent, CN-104285434-A: 原生的三色图像和高动态范围图像 patent, CN-104285996-A: Herbicide composition for sorghum fields patent, CN-104289353-A: 一种底漆待干吊挂生产线 patent, CN-104302551-A: 储存和混合设备 patent, CN-104302840-A: 基于聚氨酯的道路形成 patent, CN-104303485-A: Method and apparatus for communicating data packets in a cloud cell patent, CN-104309542-A: 电子设备的支撑固定装置 patent, CN-104312337-A: 一种新型多功能高品质外墙涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104314921-A: Multifunctional hydraulic servovalve testing device patent, CN-104318487-A: Geographic space data based important section intelligent identification and evaluation method patent, CN-104318490-A: 一种电能质量监测系统异构环境下的兼容方法 patent, CN-104322221-A: Corn threshing device patent, CN-104323122-A: 一种全谷物营养粉及其制作方法 patent, CN-104328665-A: Textile softening agent patent, CN-104328914-A: 楼板预留孔与该孔翻边同时施工的施工方法 patent, CN-104334868-A: 调压阀 patent, CN-104337538-A: Retractable supporting structure and hospital bed lifting mechanism patent, CN-104340406-A: Gluing device patent, CN-104350606-A: Multi-layer back electrode for photovoltaic thin-film solar cell and use of same for producing thin-film solar cells and modules, photovoltaic thin-film solar cells and modules containing multi-layer back electrode and method for production thereof patent, CN-104355197-A: Elevator speed limiter without safety rope patent, CN-104358443-A: Counter weight body mounting structure capable of running stably patent, CN-104362680-A: 以有功损耗最小为目标的风电场有功功率自动分配方法 patent, CN-104366276-A: Radix puerariae dried noodles and production method of radix puerariae dried noodles patent, CN-104370847-A: 一种利奈唑胺晶型i的制备方法 patent, CN-104372965-A: 废旧轮胎预应力游泳池 patent, CN-104373345-A: Lubricating oil pump for optimizing axial clearance patent, CN-104373544-A: 流体转移装置的传动单元 patent, CN-104376111-A: Location-based service providing method and device patent, CN-104378438-A: 数据同步方法及其装置 patent, CN-104379803-A: Method and table assembly for applying coatings to spherical components patent, CN-104383907-A: 一种硅胶负载型催化剂及其制备方法以及在合成异胡薄荷醇中的应用 patent, CN-104392961-A: Manufacturing method of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) integrated circuit patent, CN-104394460-A: Audio-video file locating method and device patent, CN-104401747-A: 旋转式转移装置 patent, CN-104408365-A: Progress authentication method based on password patent, CN-104409591-A: GaN-based green light LED (light-emitting diode) epitaxial structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-104417309-A: 起重机上车司机室涡旋压缩机电动空调器及操作方法 patent, CN-104420809-A: Louver blade automatic molding machine patent, CN-104424427-A: 密码验证方法及装置 patent, CN-104425449-A: Through-silicon via and forming method thereof patent, CN-104426627-A: 一种tdd系统中上行探测参考信号的发送方法 patent, CN-104428739-A: User interface and methods patent, CN-104429835-A: 双路随水施肥优化控制灌溉系统 patent, CN-104440358-A: 圆轴上料机构 patent, CN-104442292-A: 一种轿车车内灰尘及有害气体浓度实时监控系统 patent, CN-104442736-A: Supporting assembly of thermal insulation board patent, CN-104450519-A: Cell culturing system capable of precisely controlling dissolved oxygen concentration of nutrient solution patent, CN-104453921-A: 一种软岩隧道开挖施工工艺 patent, CN-104454855-A: 一种复合材料/金属梯形齿混合连接结构及其制备方法 patent, CN-104458078-A: 一种h型钢侧向残余应力的检测方法 patent, CN-104461421-A: Image display system, sheetlike display terminal, and portable terminal patent, CN-104462229-A: 一种事件分类方法及装置 patent, CN-104469054-A: 臂旋转装置和具有该臂旋转装置的图像形成装置 patent, CN-104472248-A: 一种丹参根腐病预防方法 patent, CN-104472506-A: Formula of 1,2- benzisothiazole-3-ketone compounds patent, CN-104474212-A: 一种软疣治疗中止痛的中药麻醉液 patent, CN-104480799-A: LDPE high foaming rate composite kraft paper and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104480856-A: 一种桥梁泄水管施工安装工艺 patent, CN-104481829-A: 一种回转类家电制动辅助启动能量循环系统 patent, CN-104483258-A: 基于光纤传感的钢筋混凝土腐蚀疲劳试验方法及其装置 patent, CN-104486204-A: Message providing method, message issuing method and device patent, CN-104490381-A: Cuff type sphygmomanometer patent, CN-104491378-A: 制备治疗支气管哮喘药物的方法 patent, CN-104494303-A: 印刷机油墨探针装置 patent, CN-104497988-A: Kaolin phase-change composite energy storage material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104501538-A: Galvanized product spin-drying device patent, CN-104502916-A: 一种雷达倒车系统及其雷达倒车方法 patent, CN-104509047-A: A method to allocate packet buffers in a packet transferring system patent, CN-104513195-A: Aminopyridine isomeride separation method patent, CN-104513572-A: 负离子基础漆 patent, CN-104518345-A: Waterproof structure of wire harness with connector patent, CN-104522065-A: Plant-based compound nematicide and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104522427-A: 生长猪配合饲料 patent, CN-104522744-A: 一种灌汤龙虾尾的加工方法 patent, CN-104527424-A: 一种油门踏板结构 patent, CN-104528905-A: 微乳液型氧化铝赤泥絮凝剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-104532382-A: Anion fiber patent, CN-104532620-A: Levelling agent for wool and real silk patent, CN-104537410-A: Manufacturing method for intelligent pass card patent, CN-104541772-A: Two-way Chinese date picker and method thereof patent, CN-104543066-A: Preparation method of Liupu tea patent, CN-104544311-A: 保健黄颡鱼丸食品 patent, CN-104544984-A: Barbecuing, baking, instant-boiling and braising integrated automatic rotating dining table and application method thereof patent, CN-104551002-A: Method for preparing quincuncial platinum nanoparticles by taking lanreotide acetate as template patent, CN-104551265-A: 一种盘形刀具加工面齿轮的方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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